Smile of the Waxing Moon

Last night the waxing moon smiled at me, making me a promise. Of what? “You’ll see,” she said. The energy felt uplifting, so I smiled back.

This morning I pulled a card to get a hint. Ace of Wands. Ha! Talk about uplifting! In this card I see: from behind the veil of Mystery I am handed a torch, a recharged wand. Go forth and lead people to action! I’m on the right path and I can change the world!

Join me in creating the world we choose to live in. Reclaim the Earth as sacred! Blessed be!

BrightFlame is a teacher, writer and priestess who brings forth Mystery. She has been part of the Reclaiming Community for over two decades, including New York and Vermont Witchcamp communities. She taught at the latter in August '04. She offers classes and ritual in NYC. She has been a presenter and priestess at Womongathering for over 14 years, and has been on the teaching staff of WomenCircles and WomanSoul (Rowe Camp, MA) for more than a decade. She has offered many iterations of Elements of Magic (the basic class in Reclaiming Witchcraft), as well as Reclaiming’s Pentacle of Iron and other core classes. ***** She loves to play in the forest as well as near the ocean, and she finds magical spots in urban areas as well. Her passion is protecting wild and natural lands, and promoting a sustainable, regenerating world. The trees, the fey, the mermaids are her allies. She often brings the earth sciences into her magical teaching. ***** Some of BrightFlame’s specialities include: sensing and shaping energy, leading trance journeys, creating labyrinths, storytelling in ritual form, working with faeries and land spirits, aspecting god/desses and introducing people to the Mysteries. She enjoys creating workshops and curricula that are experiential and allow participants to exercise their creativity and find insights and guidance. At the end of 2013 she finished writing her first novel that weaves a witchy tale, incorporating magical teachings, Mystery, and Earth consciousness in literary form.

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