Accessing Mystery and Alternative Ways of Knowing: Witchy Skills Emerging in the Mundane Academic Community

There is hope! I was pleased to find like-minded academics at a large education conference who bring earth consciousness, mystery, and the types of skills I teach in magic and pagan classes into the curriculum. I incorporate science into my Mystery & Magic classes. And I incorporate alternative ways of knowing into my science and education teaching.

Imagine a professional conference where a presenter leads a grounding exercise before her talk. Interesting and refreshing. It was particularly refreshing to see how accepted was her grounding and her presentation. One person presented excerpts from her students’ journals that demonstrate the effect of tapping in to nature via alternative ways of knowing on their training as teachers.

The session stirred ideas for curricula and research projects that integrate the variety of work I bring to the world. Now I will take my brainstorming outside under the sun and blue sky.

BrightFlame is a teacher, writer and priestess who brings forth Mystery. Watch for her first novel in 2017: a teaching story that will change the world. She has been part of the Reclaiming Tradition for over two decades, including New York and Vermont Witchcamp communities. She taught at the latter in August '04. She offers classes and ritual in NYC and Philadelphia, including workshops with Starhawk. She has been a presenter and priestess at many festivals, intensives and gatherings over the past few decades. She loves to play in the forest as well as near the ocean, and she finds magical spots in urban areas as well. Her passion is protecting wild and natural lands, and promoting a sustainable, regenerating world. The trees, the fey, the mermaids are her allies. She often brings the earth sciences into her magical teaching. See for more info.

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