Breathe. Your reaction to the US Presidential election? sphereBreathe.  Here’s what I get: the most important thing right now and in coming days & months is to center, open, and fill with our vital energy. To find ways to open our energy and stay full and charged.  We need to be able to fund the energy to work change and be active as we are called, whenever that is.

In the face of fear: open and recharge.

In the face of anger: open and recharge.

In the face of despair: open and recharge.

This will be a process. An ebb and flow. Begin taking time for yourself to do this. Be in nature. Notice beauty. Ward against deflating so that the balloon of yourself will float and hold its own.

Allow the balloon of yourself to float,

To hold its own.

Be the witches and magicians and humans that we are: assure our energy is intact–that we have the energy to fund our magical and mundane work, to brighten the Web of Life as we move through the world. Next steps will become apparent. They will be as varied as we are. Be ready.