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Lady Liberty stands with feet connected to the stone and earth below. Her diadem connects her to the stars. Feel the power of her torch calling to you. Be her torch of truth in the world!

Lady Libery's torch of TRUTHBreathe, and open yourself. Fill your energetic body with Earth energy. Allow your field to be wider and wider, taller and taller.  Fill yourself with Lady Liberty’s healing, bright light. Feel it blossom into a 7-pointed crown at your head, radiating out to the world.

Do this today #J20. Do this every day.

Enhance this magic: ask for visions of the just, sustainable world we are creating. What does it look like? See the textures, colors of the landscape. Smell, taste the air. Listen. Who is there, what are they doing? What grows there? Where does energy come from? How do people work and play? Let the vision unfold. Imagine this world we bring to birth.

Starhawk's Fifth Sacred Thing ecocity of future

Jessica Perlstein‘s vision of a San Francisco utopia, circa 2048; concept art for The Fifth Sacred Thing film based on Starhawk‘s bestselling novel.

With your image of the future in mind, who will you be in this new world? What action(s) will you take to manifest this state of being and vision?

Be Liberty’s torch of TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE! Rooted together, we crack through the sticky, life-sucking, harmful energies to grow, to shine, to use our gifts to heal the earth and her people! So it is now! liberty-sigil