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I feel the millions on the streets today in Washington DC and around the world: the spiral of energy created by the passionate voices raised, by the connections made, blankets our planet and dissolves the tendrils of hate and greed that would tear apart the Web of Life. Dissolving all that would harm this planet and its beings. That is my novel’s theme.Women's March 1/21/2017

Truth through fiction: a coven of witches, contacted by the Old Ones who deepen their knowledge and skill for shaping energy and making magic, seeks the Working that will save the planet from a cataclysmic event, save the Web of Life from being torn asunder.

The Old Ones showed me that the best use of my energy this weekend would be tapping into the magic afoot to charge my novel as I read my final manuscript-just-back-from-editor. That is my role in the rising tide of the Living River:

Writing, teaching, and creating ritual to create a just, sustainable, regenerating world. My passion.

I pause from my reading periodically and swirl the well water in my bluebluewater bowl in a clockwise spiral,  adding my passion and sending it to those on the streets. Adding the energy from the millions who rise for truth, love and jusice and amplifying it to send back out. Strengthening the Web of Life.

We are sweet water,
We are the seed,
We are the storm winds
That blow away greed.
We are the new world we bring to birth,
A river rising to reclaim the Earth.

~Starhawk’s chant that is often used by the Pagan Cluster’s Living River: the magickal activist arm of the Reclaiming Tradition