Be the Green That Grows Through the Cracks, the Water That Dissolves Rock

Water is the strongest solvent. Given time, it dissolves rock.

It’s Spring in the North. Water quickens in the creeks, the streams, the rivers. Water flushes out what is stale, moves obstacles from its path, erodes rock, feeds the new green and sap that rises.

Notice the natural world.

It’s Spring in the North. The green shoots push through, finding all the cracks in the foundation, in the system.

Notice the unnatural world.

What systems, ways of living, activities that you see around you are “unnatural,” do not support a sustainable life on our planet? Look near to home. Look in your community, in your region. Look with a wide lens at the continent, the world.

Where are the cracks in those systems?

Who or what rises up as allies to shift the systems towards a sustainable world? How might you best support them, applaud them, sustain them?

How might you rise up through the cracks and bring Right Action to the world?

How will you flow to be part of the rising tide to buoy change? To lift the allies? To create a regenerating, sustainable world?

Happy, fruitful, hopeful Spring (to my northern hemisphere friends)

— — —

p.s. Hope you will rise up for the March for Science on April 22nd, and the People’s Climate March on April 29th. There are sister marches across the world, in addition to the main ones in Washington, DC.