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The Working working

I’ve polished my manuscript till my hands hurt, hoping to shine it as bright as my name. Yet, with a mentor’s support I know it can be brighter. That is why I will enter #PitchWars—a chance to work with a published writer as a mentee through October.

<<Sending gratitude to Pitch Wars mentors>>

In my adult speculative manuscript, The Working, modern day witches must save our planet from the forces that will cause cataclysmic harm. Think: Paula Brackston and V.E. Schwab meet Sarah Addison Allen.

I am a priestess and teacher in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft. You might wonder if I employed magic in my tale. Indeed, the magical practices in my manuscript are those we use in my feminist, non-hierarchic tradition. I’ll tell you a secret: the ancient wisdom in my manuscript is real. The stakes faced by my characters are those we face today. The solution they seek is one that may well save our planet. But shhh don’t tell anyone.

The Earth is sacred and a just, sustainable world is our right. This underpins all that I do: my writing, teaching, priestessing, and activism. I love helping people find their connection to the Earth and am known for my teaching in the worldwide pagan community. In the muggle world, I am affiliated with Columbia University and have offered professional development to teachers on environmental topics. As a lay naturalist, I incorporate science in my teaching. Science is magical, after all.


I find delight, wonder, beauty, and myself in wild and natural lands. I love the ocean and am a mermaid.

Bri in tree


I am at home in the forest and like the Lorax, I stand for the trees.

Urban areas? Yep, magical as well.

More about my manuscript, The Working: Betsy, who looks down more than up, wants to be as decisive and graceful as her four coven sisters, but the bright glow of their competence casts her in shadow. She finally gets her chance to shine when she and her coven sisters, entreated by Old Ones to avert a cataclysmic environmental event that will end life on Earth, learn the elders’ ancient ways and race to find the needed Working. Yet, Betsy’s enthusiasm-turned-bravado leads the coveners away from the Working and into mortal danger. All five women are novice energy workers and don’t yet have the wisdom or skill needed to wield magic to avert the disaster. They’d better learn fast.

More about me: www.brightflame.com and follow me @brtflame.

<<Gratitude to Brenda Drake, Heather Cashman and team for producing Pitch Wars>>

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