About BrightFlame

BrightFlame is a teacher, writer and priestess in the feminist Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft. In her forthcoming novel, The Working, witches must save our planet from the forces that will cause cataclysmic harm.

This blog will feature her occasional writing. Please see www.mysmagic.org for much more about her. And “like” her facebook page to stay up to date about her classes and events.

Follow her on twitter @BrtFlame as well.

She offers classes and leads ritual in the NYC-Philadelphia region and has taught with Starhawk and at regional spiritual gatherings including Reclaming witchcamps.

#ReclaimTheEarth! is her call out to the world. “We must reclaim the Earth as sacred and thwart all ways in which policymakers and corporations damage and destroy the air, water, land and beings of this planet.” Thus, you will find BrightFlame teaching magical activism classes, writing from an ecofeminist perspective, and interacting with the non-pagan community to spread these teachings and influences.

BrightFlame has taught in the Reclaiming Tradition for nearly two decades, offering not only many iterations of Reclaiming’s core classes, but also classes she designed with her own flavor and magical teachings. “Mystery and Magic is the realm in which I work and play. As Eclipse has said of my work, I bring people way out there–but I always bring them back!

Her specialities include sensing, shaping and running energy; deepening labyrinth work; trance journeying; weaving science into magic; helping others access Mystery; aspecting Goddesses and Gods; and creating priestessing practicums to hone and share skills. See her webpage for examples of classes she has taught over the years.


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