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Portals in the woods draw my eye to other lands. To other realms. When I am among the trees my aura brightens, my energy flows more strongly, and I fill with the nourishment Mama Earth offers.  From this state I

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Verdant Green

The forest called to me today. Come! Play! Notice my vibrance and abundance! When I am in the forest in Spring I think, Verdant! And when I think verdant I think of Jane Siberry’s wonderful song, Bound by the Beauty.

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My favorite ritual

Actually, I now have two favorite rituals  of those I created in recent years in NYC.  The first was one of the 2012 public sabbat rituals:  Beltane was awesomely wonderful! It played out effortlessly–all participated to priest/ess the energy and

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Flora over Fauna?

Today we completed fencing much of the land my partner and I tend in order for the forest and the meadow to regenerate. Though rural, this area has a huge herd of deer that stay together and forage on all

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Beltane Dreaming

Fire and water combine to raise mist off the land. Ahhh. I feel the elements so viscerally this Beltane morning. I think about my Craft–my witchcraft, my magic. What is the purpose to which I put my magic? How best

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Step into You

“There is nothing to do but step into a You who has always been waiting–no rush, just peace and a homecoming.” Part of April 30th (Beltane eve) message from Hare in the Moon Astrologer, Lorna Bevan.

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Dare to open to the energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross!

On Sunday I spent the day in the woods feeling wonderfully alive and renewed. In part from connecting with the green ones and Earth’s vital energy. But also I’d been meditating on and running the Pentacle of the Great Turning.

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