Message to humans: open and recharge

Breathe. Your reaction to the US Presidential election? Breathe.  Here’s what I get: the most important thing right now and in coming days & months is to center, open, and fill with our vital energy. To find ways to open

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Serious Magic on the Witches’ New Year

Samhain is nearly here and I find I’m not in the mood for witty, outrageous Halloween costumes or parties. It is just too serious of a time–the stakes too high. I feel the Ancestors draw near. I ask them to hold the space for magic that will heal all the worlds. #ProtectWaterProtectors #StandWithStandingRock

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Fantasy Government

Ahead of the US Presidential election, BrightFlame chooses her fantasy government.

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Well and Flame

  Well and flame Well and flame Brighid, I ask bright blessings In your name! Today is Imbolc, when I connect with and rededicate myself to Brighid. To rededicate to my path. Blessed be!

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Peace and War

A sustainable, regenerating, peaceful world where the Declaration of the Four Sacred Things (air, fire, water, earth) underlies society: YES! I just finished rereading The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk. Juxtapose that wonderful way of living that Starhawk promotes and

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Spider Portal

Portals in the woods draw my eye to other lands. To other realms. When I am among the trees my aura brightens, my energy flows more strongly, and I fill with the nourishment Mama Earth offers.  From this state I

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Verdant Green

The forest called to me today. Come! Play! Notice my vibrance and abundance! When I am in the forest in Spring I think, Verdant! And when I think verdant I think of Jane Siberry’s wonderful song, Bound by the Beauty.

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